Sunday Ready – ReGroup week 3

77858Last week I didn’t have time finish the session1 segment 2 video. So we’ll finish it up this week. Its a great piece on the three components of a group: Grace, Truth & Time.

So what we’ll do is start the time off with the Kitchen Table. This is a great way for people to share their story. The idea is to ask everyone to draw their kitchen table when they were a kids. They are to draw who sat where, dynamics, and anything that would explain what it was like to be there. People can draw with different colors markers to add to the explanation.

After a about 15 to 20 minutes of the Kitchen Table we’ll focus again on the biblical passages that Henry Cloud gave in the video. 1Peter 4:10 is a great verse. We’ll camp on this text highlighting the key points: each one, use gifts, serve others.

The verse is included on the handout which is much the same as last week. Enjoy.



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