Sunday Recap – ReGroup week 2

This was another good week in our ABF as we worked through the DVD series ReGroup. We had great discussion groups. I had to make some adjustments on the fly. I simply had too much. We watched from Session 1 Segment 2 about 6 of the 12 minute video clips. There was a nice break in the video between topics. It landed right before John Townsend was to speak on his three components of community. We broke into smaller groups and shared what impacted us from the verses shared in the clip. I really liked  1 Peter 4:10. I’ve not looked at this great passage on community. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others.” I’ve attached to handout we used.” NIV I could tell as the groups finished up their discussions we had really hit the subject well. We also were almost out of time.

One other interesting question that came from our time was, “What’s my spiritual gift?” I’ll be hitting that a bit this week and moving into Session 2. Regroup-Handout

I’ve kept pushing on Bonhoeffer’s thoughts on community. In his Life Together he shared very important points on during community. One of my favorite quotes is a surprising one. He says that you first must be disillusioned with your community group. If you’re lucky he says you’ll be disillusioned too with yourself. It’s so counterintuitive. …disillusioned? .. that’s the most important? His point is that we must all learn that Christian fellowship is not “an ideal but a divine reality.” Groups are what Christ has made them, good, weak, bad, strong. Our first step in not ruining what Christ has established, is to be OK with what is there. These are huge issues for everyone coming into a group.


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