Sunday Recap – week 3

Once again I had to make adjustments to my prepared lesson. We used the whole time on our group exercise. We had everyone share their kitchen table experience when they were growing up. I shared the details in the previous post about how to do it.

I got the ABF into groups of about 6 to 8 people. I had them introduce themselves and share one thing about their family. I wanted to get the groups talking about something safe and easy before they launched into more. As the groups were talking I drew my kitchen table on the whiteboard. I shared my table to set the pace for how deep I wanted it to go. Then I launched to groups into drawing and sharing their story.

As groups shared it became evident that it was going to take all our time, which was fine. I had some additional things we could have done, but the best had already happened. It was great to see each person share. People listened well and then asked some clarifying follow up questions. As time began to wane each person wanted to share. There was good momentum and energy in the room. Folks enjoyed sharing a bit of who they were. I’m glad we took the time to share this way.


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