What's coming up in May

May is a big month for us in ABFs & HABFs. There are a couple important things for us to accomplish.

1) Rosters. I know this seems so boring BUT this May 15th it’s very fun. We believe we smashed our Embrace Tomorrow goal of having 60% of our congregation in a group. How close are we? In the fall we were about 200 folks short. We believe we’ve surpassed that. The only way for us to know if this is true is through our rosters. We really need them to be accurate.

Here’s what we ask when you turn it in. First, take off anyone who has not attended in the last six months. Second, add anyone who has not attended in the last six months. Pretty simple. Finally, send it to Stephanie.

Please help us so we can celebrate together the good things God has done through us all.

2) Evaluation. I know you probably have never liked them. Jeff has put together a great simple survey that your ABF can do in class. For ABFs these will be in your folder on May 9th. We ask that you do it two weeks for ABFs so you get most of your group. HABFs we will make copies available this weekend at the Welcome Centers or you can download this file.

Your evaluation is yours. No one else has to see it. Review the responses to see if you group is missing anything. You may find your teaching gets high marks or that your service projects are going well. Perhaps they aren’t strong. You will have a better perspective on what’s happening in your group. abf-members-eval-2010

Your coach will contact you about sitting down to discuss your findings. They aren’t looking for weaknesses. They want to help provide insight and options for your group.

We believe the end result will be stronger community experience in your H/ABF. That will be more satisfying for everyone.


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