Bonhoeffer – Share what you learn

I’ve been trying to share what I’m learning. It is a great way to cement what the Lord has been teaching you as you read his Word. When I right it down I remember the powerful things God is putting on my heart. There are days when I’m reading the Bible that I come across a thought or phrase that jumps off the page. If I’m lucky I write it down right then so I’ll remember later. If I don’t do that I’m surprised how quickly I forget what seemed so pertinent, so vital in the morning.

One other way to continue to be aware of what the Lord is teaching is by sharing the good word with someone in my path. It’s one more way to not forget the good things given to me.

Here’s how Bonhoeffer in Life Together explains this process on page 22. “When one person is struck by the Word, he speaks it to others. God has willed that we should seek and find His living Word in the witness of a brother, in the mouth of man.” This is true when I see something anew that kindles my passion. When we’re excited about what we’re learning we naturally share it with other. Bonhoeffer believes that God ordained us to share it with each other. We need what each other are learning.

He goes on to say on page 23, “Therefore, the Christian needs another Christian who speaks God’s Word to him. He needs him again and again when he becomes uncertain and discouraged, for by himself he cannot help himself without belying the truth.” There are days we have the Word and other days we are needy. Followers of Christ need each of us to share what God is teaching them, for by it we strengthen the body of Christ. The things we are learning will be the food that will carry them on through their difficulties.

Share what you’re learning. You’ll encourage many that you bump into each day. Learn it –> Share it.


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