Sunday Ready — ReGroup week 4

This week we’ll be watching from Session 2 Segment 1. It has two parts to it. There’s a drama and then a bit of teaching on five habits that strengthen a group. Here’s my handout. regroup-week4

Here’s where I’m heading this Sunday. We will spend sometime watching the drama which last until the 7:04 mark in this segment. Each handout has a different character in the drama. The student’s job is to watch the drama and the character and answer two questions. The first is, “Describe this person using one word descriptors.” The second is, “How did they help or hinder the group.”

Dramas are a bit of a stretch for me. I usually think they’re cheesy. I know too that many other learn differently than I do, so we’ll watch it. I like setting up the drama with the questions, so that the students are watching actively while it’s playing. After it shows we will discuss all together things that we saw and what we wrote.

The second part of the lesson will show Cloud, Townsend, & Donahue explain their 5 habits for groups. The handout allows students write down their definition of each habit. It also gives room for them to evaluate how they are doing and how the ABF is doing with each habit. I’m hoping for some good processing for each individual. Maybe if we’re lucky it will move us to a better place.


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