Sunday Recap – ReGroup Week 5

778581We had another great time together in our ABF this Sunday. Instead of moving on to new information we backtracked on the previous week’s Five Habits. We had time two weeks ago to talk about the 5 habits, but not thoroughly discuss them.

So we set out to work through the five habits: Care, Safety, Authenticity, Growth, Help. See the attached handout for what was given out. regroup-5-habits

In order to continue helping everyone get to know each other we made five different handouts, one for each habit. These handouts were mixed up so that when we assigned groups you would end up with the others who got the same habit.  We’ve done this the last two weeks and it has allowed a number of different participants to get acquainted. …And isn’t that the purpose of this series?

The assignment for each group was to read the verses connected with the habit, discuss what the Bible spoke to these and then find action points for us to practice. There was lots of good conversations around the groups, even folks talking who normally don’t say too much.

The other helpful connection we did with our ABF was to ask folks to write down a prayer request and then get into groups of 3 or 4. I was amazed how much everyone talked and shared their request. There were so many important issues in the groups. Everyone felt safe and listened to. In fact, our leader Sunday had to shut the conversation and prayer down, so we could get to the lesson.

How effective was the prayer? Many times you don’t know if it has moved anyone. This morning at my small group one of the guys pulled out the card he was given and prayed for the request he received yesterday. I was great to see my friend caring for others.

I think it was a good day Sunday.


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