Great verses Sunday morning, part 1

I ran into some great verses Sunday morning before church. It hadn’t been one of those weeks that I connected much with the Bible, but this day was good. All these are in Proverbs.

v23 “A wicked man puts up a bold face, but the upright gives thought to his ways.” ESV

That last phrase has been hitting me lately. It is the importance of looking closely at my life. Considering my ways in light of scripture is a powerful, restful way to walk through life’s craziness. With so many things hitting us: family, kids, work, relationships, finances, health it becomes very hard to not live in a state of panic and stress.

Something happens when I thoughtfully consider what’s going on in my life and how the Lord is directing my steps at this juncture. It is as I think it through from the Lord’s perspective that the whirlwind begins to quiet down. His perspective is so vital to our peace, rest and acceptance of what he has brought to our lives, the lessons he wants to teach. This perspective is hard fought. I need to pull away from the busy-ness and concentrate and think about what the Lord might be wanting me to remember.

That was the first verse.


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