Great verses Sunday morning, part 2

So I kept reading this past Sunday in Proverbs.

Eight verses later after the previous eye opener,  in 31 I found, “The horse is made ready for the day of battle but victory belongs to the Lord.” ESV

Yes! We have our part to do in this life. Get the horse ready. God has his part and it’s THE part. He accomplishes what he wants. He carries the day.

I can think back to key moments in my life: my marriage to Helen, the Frontier Ranch trip with GW YL, even the recent Galatians Groups. These key victories were always because of God’s movement. He overwhelmingly did it. I just showed up.

The victory belongs to the Lord. This truth should give us peace. We don’t have to win the battle. We do have to get ready. We do have a part to play. Our part doesn’t win the battle. It is His to win.

Unfortunately, many times we don’t rest in his strength. We fret. We worried. We work extra hard or we do nothing at all.

And this really hurts us.

Can we live today trusting the Lord will accomplish what he wants? Can we trust he’ll do incredible things? The battle is His. He has more than enough power to accomplish His will. Therefore, let’s rest and trust where he leads.


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