Great verses Sunday morning, part 3

“Humility & fear of the Lord bring wealth & honor & life.” Proverbs 22:4

This verse was one more that hit me Sunday morning. Here’s what’s kind of funny. You never know when the Lord is going to highlight something from his word. I was actually a bit late on my schedule that day. I wanted to read a bit before I got into my day at church, so I thought I can quickly get into the Bible and read something. The very cool thing is that God pointed out these verses in a strong way. I am grateful for his continual work to make us more like him.

This proverb has two parts: the character needed and the promise. We are to be humble and fear God. Humility is such a huge key for us in life. It impacts so many areas of our lives. Think about these areas. Can I follow? Can I learn from anyone? Can I have a low position on the organizational chart? Can I support my leaders/bosses/government officials? Am I willing to do anything for the Lord? Can I cheer when others succeed? Can I cheer when those I don’t care for get the accolades?

Humility is not walking around like a loser or feeling worthless. Humility is not thinking about yourself. It is putting others ahead of ourselves. (see Phil 2:3)

So much is impacted by our ability to be humble. Even our relationship with the Lord is improved. Humility helps because we know more clearly our position. We are the created. He is creator. He is in charge.

Here’s the crazy thing. If we can live a humble life and live honoring, revering, respecting God’s ultimate power, there are wonderful  promises. Look at the list: wealth, honor, life. I would have connected “life” with humility, but not the others listed. Not living arrogantly will protect us and give us a quality life. The scripture adds more. Wealth? Honor? I don’t think I’ve seen humility listed by stock market analysts as a way to bring wealth. Yet the Lord tells us it does. Having a sane estimate of our capabilities (Rom 12:3) will bring a different kind of wealth and honor.

Humility sets us into our proper position before God and others. And to top it off the Lord blesses us with these promises.

What does humility mean to you?


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