Sunday Recap — Confrontation

It was a great day today touching on the how and why we confront. The sermon was on the same subject. In fact, for the next two weeks we’ll be on the subject of conflict resolution. Scary stuff for many. Great when we work it through.

If you look to the previous post you’ll find what we did this morning in The Summit. This week we actually got through everything that we planned. This is kind of funny because I’ve had a tough time estimating how much time everything would take.

Confrontation and conflict can bring up a lot painful experiences for us. How should we do it? There are biblical principles. Check and read through the handout in the last post.

The way we can deal with conflict can be illustrated on a chart. We avoid, accommodate, compete, compromise and collaborate. These are the five basics way we can head at conflict. No one style is perfect solution every time. Sometimes it is wise to avoid. It may not be an issue that needs to be dealt with. I’ve attached two documents that help explain these styles. One is just the chart of conflict styles and the other defines each style. I hope this helps you to better evaluate your own style and move to healthier practices in conflict.

Conflict Styles Chart Conflict Styles

The good news is that conflict can lead to stronger, healthier relationships. Sometimes you may not be able to resolve it. You can still forgive even though the relationship is not reconciled. For more on this we’ll continue the discussion. Helen will share her tough road through conflict next week. I’m looking forward to it.


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