When Sparks Fly – Sermon Series and Helps

We just started our latest sermon series Sunday, “When Sparks Fly.” It is about how to be reconciled to each other when-sparks-fly-backgroundand live at peace. Conflict always brings out so much emotion. Everybody can relate to the struggle to live as one and to resolve issues. No one is free from this. I could see that Sunday as our ABF discussed conflict. We all experience it. Yet, the only way to stronger relationships is resolving the things that separate us. Good thing God is a God who loves reconciliation. He wants all to have healthy relationships. He has made it possible and will grant us grace to live it.

Here’s where we’re heading for the rest of the series.

  • May 16  “Be Angry”  Matt 5:21-26, James 4:1,2, 2Cor 5:19  PS both campuses
  • May 23  “Forgive”     Matt 18, esp 15-17    AC  — “Peace”  Proverbs 26:20-28   GC
  • May 30  “Peace”  AC  –  “Forgive”   GC

One of my great classes at seminary was a conflict resolution class. It is not offered at many seminaries. I am really grateful Ashland did. Here’s the best stuff we looked at in the class. We all have ways that we deal with conflict. We can: Avoid, Accommodate, Compete, Compromise or Collaborate. Which is your natural choice? I’ve attached a document and a chart that help explains these further. conflict-styles-chart1 conflict-styles

One last resource, don’t forget the ReGroup DVD. I’ve been blogging on it recently. It has two very helpful lessons on reconciliation. See my upcoming post reviewing it this week.

Let us know if we can help you further. I guarantee we will use these skills soon, probably this week.


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