We’re in the midst of our season of evaluations. We’ve asked each of our groups to fill out the form. What our hope is that the process helps each group become a little more self aware. If each abf can find one thing to work on, their group will experience better community.

We also hope the leaders will be reminded of the practices they do well. These we want them to continue. Here’s how we encouraged our teachers to do the evaluations.

First, hand out the the forms. We think these are best during the time the group meets. That way they’ll get the forms. If the leader emails or hands out a link they may not get as many back. Asking folks to do it when they get home means they’ll more likely forget to do it.
We  only let the leader see the responces. We won’t be looking through each group’s comments. We believe this help get the past a leader’s reluctance to be evaluated. If they are not into the process you’ll have one less tool to help your groups suceed.
The final piece of the evaluation is to sit down with their coaches and strategize next steps. Again the leader does not have to share the evaluation with the coach. Most will want another pair of eyes to think it through. Some will need a pick me up after perhaps a hard comment. But these are great opportunities to encourage, train, mentor and love your leaders.
We’re looking forward to the process and time with our leaders. I’ve attached our form that you can look at for an example.
What’s worked for you?

ABF Members Eval_rn4-network


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