Short-term Groups Start in Sept!

Let’s get excited for our big launch for our Short Groups this fall. Nothing comes close to pulling intoimages community, new people from our pews. 90% of attenders of our Gal Grps last January were new to community or were without a group. Nothing comes close to giving newer leaders an opportunity to try out leading. Everyone needs an easy way to start. Short groups give you six weeks to try it out. Hey if you’re no good at it, you probably can’t hurt the Kingdom too badly. …right? :^)

We will launch our groups on Tuesday the 14th of September. The series will be on Luke’s, sermon on the plain. Great issues of loving our neighbors, using what we hear, judging others and more will be discussed. Groups will finish the week of October 17th. Some we are praying will continue on and become a permanent Home Group.

Want to try it out or know of others who should lead? Contact Stephanie at


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