Sunday recap — a story of conflict

We had a great day a couple Sundays ago. Helen shared her tough story of conflict and forgiveness. We spend a lot of time talking in abfs in a safe mode…we hear solid teaching. We can teach from a sterile environment with our lessons. There is something so powerful when we hear a story, particularly a moving one. We get beyond the “nice” thoughts about how we should live life and into hard core reality.
So much more can happen when we hear a story. It motivates. It moves. It touches. I cannot remember the last time I moved people to tears. People usually listen nicely. But story brings people to new levels. It opens them up to new areas to consider. People can’t sit there and wait till its over. The emotion pushes them to deal with the subject. In the sterile normal lesson we can keep the material at arms length. Not so when a story is told, it gets us to consider.

2 Responses to “Sunday recap — a story of conflict”
  1. mama mary says:

    Excited to hear that Helen is still having opportunities to share her incredible story!

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