Leading a Short-Term Group


We’re very excited as we begin to gear up for our fall Short-Term Groups! These are what we called “Galatians Groups” this past winter. They are a six week bible-study experience that centers on discussion of the sermons. A Short-Term Group is like a Test Drive for community, leaders can try out their leadership skills; and people seeking to get plugged into a group can see what it’s like. It is a great way to get to know others and learn more about the theme of the sermon. So many enjoyed our last Short-Term Group series, that we decided to do it again.

One of our Short-Term Groups from the Galatians series.

One of our Short-Term Groups from the Galatians series.

This September, our Short-Term Groups will be discovering together the character of a follower of Jesus.

We want to see over 25 new groups started this fall! In order for that to happen, we need leaders. In order to

lead, you don’t have to be an “expert teacher.” In fact, 90% of our Short-Term Group leaders from last winter

were first time leaders! We will give our leaders the lessons and help them to get started!

We’re looking for people who enjoy others and desire to help them! If you would like to be considered, read over our “Leader 411

for more detail, and then contact Stephanie Nesbitt to talk further about possibilities.

Stephanie can be reached at: stephanie.nesbitt@the-chapel.org or 330.315.5910

→ If you are interested in attending a group (but not leading), we will begin registrations for that next month!


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