Follow along with Sermons

The Luke chapter six sermon series starts September 12th. It promises to push us hard on the issues of discipleship. Jesus speaking to his discipleship set the bar high for how he wants us to live. These are tough things for us to follow. Consider jumping on this series. Here’s why it can be good for your group.

  1. Discipleship. You’ll have a great opportunity to speak the very first words Jesus gave to his Apostles. The commitment is high. Christ expects much from us. Maybe your group will also be impacted and transformed.
  2. Follow the leader. Having your group track along with the sermons puts us on the same page with our preaching team. We follow along with where Pastor Sartarelli is going, where he believes we all as a church need to be.
  3. One page. When we all get on the same page, we operate more cohesively and wisely. We begin to think similarly and that can mean we work more effectively for the Kingdom.
  4. Curriculum. Yep we’ll have curriculum and student handouts for each sermon. It can mean you start with a good lesson. Maybe you do it exactly as is or you adapt it for you group.
  5. Help your assistants. With prepared curriculum you can hand off a lesson or two to some of your assistants. Five guys in my Campus Group will be teaching along with me. They’re excited. They’ll be pushed by studying the passage as they prepare. They’ll have an opportunity to strengthen their teaching abilities.

I am looking forward to what the Lord will teach us in this sermon. Join with our Short-Term Groups and follow along with the series.

Sept 12

Intro Luke 6:12-19


Blessings & Woes

Luke 6:20-26


Love for Enemies

Luke 6:27-36



Don’t Judge Them

Luke 6:37-42


Dislike The Trees

Luke 6:43-45


Wise & Foolish Builders

Luke 6:46-49


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