Short-Term Group Leader Prep #1

The following is our first installment of our ST Grp leader email. If you didn’t receive the email here’s the other details previously given out to our leaders.

Thanks for jumping on to our Short-Term Group experience. I am intrigued how they will go. The Lord knows exactly what is going to happen. Let’s prepare ourselves.

Here’s what you can do.

First, begin reading the text we’re focusing on, Luke 6:12-49. These are tough passages of discipleship. Imagine being there and hearing Jesus speak them right to you. Begin writing down what the Lord is putting on your heart. Check our blog for the breakdown of the sermons.

Second, we have 14 leaders so far. That’s great! Do you know of others? I believe we’ll need 25. Encourage your friends, have them look at the information on The Chapel’s Short-Term page, and have them contact me.

Third, begin recruiting for your group. Nothing beats personal invitation. There are hundreds of folks not connected to a Community Group. You are the key to pulling in those you know. The bulletin is nice to build awareness, but your conversation is what gets them from thinking about it to joining a group.

Finally, if you’ve not finished up all your paperwork please get them to us. We need the application and your covenant of faith.

I’ve attached, if you’ve misplaced, our 411 pdf that has other responsibilities and key dates for our Short-Term Groups. I am looking forward to hearing your story of God using you in your group. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.short-term-groups-sm

2 Responses to “Short-Term Group Leader Prep #1”
  1. Brian McGuinness says:

    Any idea when the first week curriculum will be posted for the ABF’s that want to follow the sermon series? Getting kind of close.

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