Your first teaching series of the year.

Let us know what you’ll be doing for your first series out of the shoot with your group.

I am so excited about our Luke 6 series. It has so many tough passages on following Christ. I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses it. Curriculum will be available soon for the series that starts on Sunday September 12th. See earlier posts for the breakdown of the series.

4 Responses to “Your first teaching series of the year.”
  1. Tom Parker says:

    Dane, We have met throughout the summer. We are continuing on our third session in a study of Malachi. I anticipate we will take about eight sessions to cover that book. TP

  2. Rose Wolfe says:

    Jeff/Dane, We are finishing up on Daniel, so we may be a couple of weeks behind on Luke. Will that be a problem? Rose

    • Dane says:

      Rose that’s no problem at all to be off by a few weeks. Curriculum is done. It’s getting formatted. We should have it available by next week. I am very excited about how these texts will push us all to deeper commitment to Christ.

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