Looking forward to Sunday Oct 10th – Luke 6:39-45

This is an interesting text for this Sunday. If you remember last week chopped off a few verses from the original schedule. Welud_slide_4x3_title2 will be picking them back up this week, so the sermon will cover from verse 39 through verse 45. There are three main paragraphs in this sermon. It touches on the “blind leading the blind.” Then focuses hypocrisy and finishing with good trees and bad trees.

We all follow. We all lead. There are times we are followers of others and times we lead people. So the question comes up from this first paragraph in the text, “Who are we following?” Are we following a blind teacher? Are we following THE teacher? We do need to know where we are going and who we are following. That will ultimately determine our salvation and our way of life.

As we lead though we must remember “that a student in not above his teacher.” In other words, a disciple never goes beyond the teacher. Those we lead will not advance beyond what we know and live. The speed of the leader will be the speed of the student. The hard question for us is where are we in our own discipleship? Are we stuck on certain issues? Are we resting in our past growth? If we do not continue to cling to Jesus and seek his help to grow and transform we will not be a help to our kids or those we lead. The student is not above his teacher.

This the curriculum this week we offer a couple exercises that may help your group’s individual examine their lives. This passage has a strong push for us to weigh our attitudes and actions. Consider doing the two sections I highlighted in the lesson attached.

The Group Time has the first exercise that initiates character evaluation. It is a nice deflected, but revealing, question on the qualities their parents possessed the participants want to keep. So the participants will actually talk about themselves a bit more freely because they are talking about their parents.

That conversation at the front end of the lesson will become a bit deeper as it closes. At that point the participants will look at Galatians 5 and the fruit of the lower nature. They will consider if are there things creeping into their life (like impurity, jealousy, hatred)  that should not be there. The hope is that many will go home considering more deeply how with the Spirit’s help they can produce fruit that looks like the good tree that they are now. Use those two exercises to allow God to convict us of areas that need his correction. Let’s allow God to do the convicting and not us on others. 🙂

One side theological note that was brought up by my friend Jeff Martell. As believers in Christ we are a good tree. At conversion we receive a new heart and a new start. We begin with Christ’s help the process of becoming more like him and producing good fruit. If you know Jesus you will begin to look more and more like our Savior. That’s good news!

Curriculum for Luke 6:39-45

Sermon Outline for Luke 6:39-45


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