Missions Lesson 2010

Every year we take a moment out from our normal teaching to focus on Global Ministries. As a part of the discipleship you are responsible to implement, the Lord asks that we think about the whole world.

For our Campus Groups this will happen on October 31st in your class. For our Home Groups we ask that you walk your people through this lesson starting this next week through the second week in November. Please for the sake of our friends who work so hard on the Global Ministries Week let’s join them in supporting our effort to reach everyone with the gospel.

There is a variety of options for you to do in this lesson. Enjoy it with your people.


2 Responses to “Missions Lesson 2010”
  1. Ken May says:

    Looking for the lesson for 10/31 as well as any info on Luke for 10/17.

    • Dane says:

      Ken the mission lesson is in a post on the front page of the blog. It probably was posted on Friday.
      The Luke lessons are all on the short term page of the blog. Look on the sidebar under short-term. See it?

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