“The invisible church is the church as God perfectly sees it. The visible church is the church as we imperfectly see it.” Mark Driscoll

Here’s the rest of the article from Mark Driscoll. It is a helpful explanation of the Visible and Invisible Church.

What caught my eye was the excerpt that I put as the title. The visible church is what we see imperfectly. Who can’t find mistakes and foibles in our churches? It reminds me of the very good words from Bonhoeffer in Life Together. He states is our church an, “Ideal or Divine Reality.” Bonhoeffer argues that Christian community is not perfect, but a collection of imperfect people. The quicker we give up our idolatrous desire for the “ideal” church the quicker we are all better off. See my other posts on Bonhoeffer by search the blog. Bonhoeffer has some truly powerful words for us.

Enjoy Driscoll’s article.



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