Mission Lesson Update


Hey I’m getting ready to do the Mission lesson for my Campus Group this Sunday the 31st. I started to think about slight changes I’ll be adding to the curriculum.

There are two tugs in this lesson scripturally: one the “what” of mission and two the “how.” The texts are Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8. Many of us grew up on these verses. Let’s not let ourselves to yawn as we read them. These are powerful verses even today. Jesus would say to us again …go … in my power. The proof of the pudding is each of our lives and in those we lead, is how or if we are still going.

Here’s a few additions I’ll be adding to the lesson I put together a few weeks ago. (Teachers always make alterations to their curriculum. 😀 )

Right after the reading of Matt 28 verses I believe a couple additional questions may set up the discussion a bit better. You may want to ask your Group, “Think about the context of this verse. How many things do we know about that were going on at this moment in the life of the disciples?” And follow with, “How do you think they’d be feeling at that moment?” These will lead nicely into a informed discussion about the questions that follow, “What energizes/strikes fear in you?”

The other addition is a great illustration my mentor, Tom Hammon, would always say. “A man walked by a worker and asked him, ‘What are you building?’ The worker responded, ‘I’m laying bricks.’ As this man walked further he found another worker and asked him, ‘What are you building?’ This one said, ‘I’m building a wall.’ As this man continued walking he saw another worker and asked the same question. This time the worker responded, ‘I’m building a cathedral!'” One of the points of this story is our perspective is everything. Little job or big in mission we all are building a cathedral. People who pray, send off missionaries, supply missionaries or go to the mission field are all building a cathedral.

This lesson gives you a great shot at helping people to understand the breadth of their options to have impact: personally, in their city and around the world.

Campus Groups are online to do the lesson this Sunday the 31st. Home Groups have the next couple weeks to git er done.




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