Another Online Bible Resource

I just ran into another online Bible called “Just1Word.” It has some nice features that my other two favorites Net Bible and Bible Gateway don’t offer. 

First the Bible can be viewed as a book, much like a Kindel. I think sometimes that is a bit better way to view the Bible. It is how we normally have looked at it. Like the other two sites it has almost every English translation you’d want.

Second, it has plenty of ways to search the Bible topically. So while reading a passage, they have put on the sidebar related themes to the text.  Another way to search if you have a question about “love” or “trust” or “marriage” you can click on the search header and click the box on the left. That will pop up a list of: books, passages, topics, keywords and stories. It gives a huge amount of options to find just what you’re looking for. This link is gives just a few of the topics and help.

Just1Word is a good resource for someone wanting to explore the Bible. It will be helpful for your folks who are looking for answers to many of life’s questions. Pass it on to your people.

If you want to study a passage still go to Net Bible for big help on Greek, Hebrew and more.


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