Best New Year Resolution: Read the NT this year

Join with me this year in reading through the New Testament in 2011. This is a the best way we can strengthen our walk with Christ. So many good things come out of our time before the Word. As leaders of God’s people we need this nurturing, strengthening and correcting everyday from the Bible.

Every time I get through the Bible I learn so many new things. When I read through the Bible I find passages I never knew were in there that I now speak powerfully. It also allows the Spirit to lead me and teach me. The Lord is always speaking to us and particularly as we are before the very words he wants us to know. When I have a goal to read it gets me to read when I don’t feel like it. When I have a goal I begin reading everyday and even on vacation.

I’m just finishing up reading through the entire Bible this month. I can say there were a number of weeks I really didn’t want to do it. There were weeks I didn’t sense God telling me anything. Yet I can also say there are so many passages that became my friends. There were so many “coincidences” where the Lord gave me exactly what I needed for that day. It is a beautiful journey of God’s shepherding us through life. I am so grateful to the Lord his guiding and strengthening.

Here’s how we’ll be doing it. Go on to You Version at There you can find the reading plan we’ll be doing together. It is called Project 345. It will get you through the NT by reading a chapter five days a week. That will give you two days a week to review or catch up. Here’s the link to the reading plan. If you want to have the weekends off start you plan on Dec 31st.

As we go through the year I’ll post the best stuff the Lord is teaching me. I hope you’ll comment and share on your most significant thoughts from the Bible the Lord is giving you.

I’m looking forward to what the Lord will teach us together in 2011.


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