2nd Best Resolution of the Year: Read JWAR

I am so excited about our Investigative Groups that will be kicking off this March. These are groups that meet briefly with people who are brand new to the Bible or to Christ. These Investigative Groups will read and discuss together a few of the events of Jesus found in the Gospels.

So what’s the resolution??

I am asking that each of our leaders read “Just Walk Across the Room” by Bill Hybels. I have a number of copies available. I will let you have one if you agree to read and pass it to someone who will also read and give it to another. This was my favorite book this fall. I loved Hybels’ heart to continue to reach out to those unfamiliar with our faith. You’ll be motivated and thrilled to take on your part of passing the story of Jesus.

Contact Debbie Cardy for your copy.


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