This week’s NT reading

This is the first real week of reading. I started last Friday so I can have the weekends off with youversion Project345. In case you’re having difficulty getting the texts to read I listed them below.

  • Monday the 3rd– John 2
  • Tuesday — John 3
  • Wednesday — John 4
  • Thursday — John 5
  • Friday — John 6

If you want to read online you can go to . Sign up and get an account. Then you can pick the reading plan we’re doing. It is called “Project 345.” You will read through the New Testament in 2011. Don’t confuse it with “Project 345 Plus.” That plan does the whole Bible.


Let’s see what God will teach us this week!


2 Responses to “This week’s NT reading”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Jesus attends a wedding and The Feast of the Passover; “the people saw many miraculous signs and believed”, including His 1st miracle of turning up to 180 gallons of water into wine…choice wine.

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