Day four…one more thought

We were talking tonight at dinner about the wedding at Cana in John 2. What struck me tonight was who got the insider information in Jesus’ life.


At his birth who got the info first? Simple, humble shepherds. At Jesus’ first miracle who had the first knowledge? It was the servants at the wedding. It was the guys who were behind the scenes. The master of the party and the bridegroom didn’t know anything about the miracle.

Jesus works quietly, discretely. He doesn’t need to shout it out or tell I the important people. Simple, common, humble people are who he many times works with.

2 Responses to “Day four…one more thought”
  1. TCrow says:

    i wonder if shepherds were as “simple” as is commonly taught in western culture? if we were able to take our cultural blinders off for a moment…and do some first century ethnographic studies, how might our view of shepherds change…and our interpretation of their presence in the Jesus birth-narratives? just a thought from your good post!

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