Day Seven

Things get ugly. The Pharisees get ticked Jesus is healing on the Sabbath. Yet two chapters earlier Nicodemus came to Jesus saying, “We know you come from God because of the miracles you perform.” Who is the “we” here? Is it all the Pharisees? Is it some who agree with Nicodemus? Was it a way for Nicodemus not to have to say he believed Jesus because of the miracles?

But now in chapter five the “we” is mad. This healing on the Sabbath is the dividing line and it leads to an argument about Jesus’ authority starting in verse 16 through the end of the chapter.

Here’s a couple of Jesus’ points in his argument.

  1. my Father is working. (and since the Father is working on this day, Jesus will work) v16
  2. John the Baptist’s testimony. v31
  3. the scriptures v39
  4. Moses testimony about Jesus v45

There’s more points that you may see. Here’s a few of my take-aways from this battle.

  • Ministry is hard
  • Jesus never backed away from an important argument
  • God’s work some times is very different looking than what we expect. (the Pharisees missed it. I may too.)

What are you learning?


3 Responses to “Day Seven”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Good points Dane; Jesus appeals to the testimony **of John the Baptist; verse 35 mentions that “He was” so John must have already been beheaded ; **of His Father (as the Son of Man) and **Moses…maybe the Jews will believe their forefathers.
    Deuteronomy 18:15-19 is a sensational passage from Moses on the divinity of Jesus Christ, and that the Jews will be accountable for their actions!

  2. Excellent post once again Dane.

    What really hit me, like a ton of bricks, as I read through John 5 is your last bullet point:

    “God’s work some times is very different looking than what we expect.”

    You’re right, the Pharisees did miss it and Scripture is littered with stories of others who missed it and missed it often. Like you I might miss it as well because God works in places, uses people and under circumstances where I rarely expect it and where I rarely look. Often because we choose to insulate ourselves from the world and hang out only in circles of believers and those who look and act just like us. Yes, God is working there but I might suggest He is REALLY working in those places we rarely go and rarely talk about.

    Any of us can miss it for sure but I think we are assured of missing it when we aren’t paying attention to what the Bible reveals to us about how the triune God really works. That He works with and uses the things in this world we often refer to as not worthy or the lowest of our society.

    I know I need to pay attention and get out into the world to see God working…that is what I learned.

    Thanks for doing this!

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