Is there Spiritual Interest out there??

This is exactly what we are going to experiment and see with our Investigative Groups. I can’t wait to see what happens.

This Sunday we’ll be having our first informational meeting at each of our campuses. I am hoping many folks decide to jump on.

What is an Investigative Group or igroup? They are groups that meet for a brief period with those that are brand new to the Bible and to Christ. They are a great forum for those unfamiliar with the faith and Jesus.

Consider leading one yourself. I am looking forward to mine. Also consider those in your circles that should be considered to facilitate one. Then join us this Sunday the 9th at 11:45pm.

  • In the Akron Campus we will be in Great Commission Room .
  • Green Campus we will be in Atrium 124
  • Wadsworth Campus we will join in room 202

Contact myself or  for more details.


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