Was Jesus a Calvinist or Armenianist?

Here’s the other wild thing I’ve never seen in John 6. Beyond all the very powerful spiritual themes I wrote about last post, there is in the midst of the argument with his countrymen a number of comments that Jesus makes about the Calvinist vs Armenian argument (predestination or freewill). What side is Jesus on? Look at these verses.

Here’s some Armenian statements Jesus makes:

  • v36 “you have seen me and don’t believe”
  • v40 “the Father’s will is everyone who believes has eternal life.”
  • v45 “Everyone who listens to the Father and learns comes to me.”
  • v47 “He who believes has eternal life.”
  • v51 “Eat this bread and you will live forever.”

Along the Calvinist side.

  • v37 “All Father gives me will come to me.”
  • v39 “I won’t lose none of all that he has given me.”
  • v44 “No one can come to unless the Father draws him.”
  • v63 “The Spirit give life.”
  • v65 “No one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him.”

What is Jesus saying here which side does he fall on?


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