You a 9 or a 5?

This chapter contains one of the most beautiful eyewitness accounts of Jesus given in the New Testament. Jesus heals a man born blind. This leads this man to joy and courage. You see the Pharisees or as John likes to say “the Jews” didn’t like that Jesus healed on the Sabbath. So the Pharisees felt they needed to interrogate this man. Under much scrutiny this man stands up to the authorities. His basic phrase? “I was blind and now I see.” He only knew Jesus’ name and that Jesus gave him his sight back. After he was questioned, after his parents were questioned, the questioning returns to the man who now sees. His brave line is, “I’ve told you over and over and you haven’t listened. Why do you want to hear it again? Are you so eager to become his disciples?” 9:27 MSG There was no backing down for this fellow. The amazing part of it is that he had not put his faith into Jesus the Christ. Jesus meets up with him after the battle to explain to who he is, the Messiah.

Yet think of the contrast in chapter five. The paralytic who had been that way for 38 years turns Jesus’ name into the authorities. The paraplegic stood up for the first time in so many years and he throws Jesus under the bus. Why? Was he not grateful? Was he afraid of the authorities? Was he having a crisis of faith about what could be done on the Sabbath? Did he think he was obeying God by obeying the spiritual leaders of the day? Why?

Today which will I be: Grateful eyewitness – or – Ungrateful tattletale? Am I a chapter 9 disciple or a chapter 5 whistle blower?

2 Responses to “You a 9 or a 5?”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Good stuff, Dane, count me into the chapter 9 group…
    Interesting to seesd that the blind man’s miracle even made some “Jews” to wonder if He was in fact the Son of God. (v-16). I like v-39 where Jesus gives an account of his mission to open the eyes of the spiritually blind.

    • Dane says:

      Yeah Tim I thought it was interesting too that some of the Pharisees were wondering what this miracle meant. (v16) He gave folks no room to sit on the fence. We either believe or not.
      39 is powerful too. I like was RC Sproul used always say, “God greases the tracks in the way you want to go.” You want to run to him he’ll make it possible. You want to run away he’ll help you.
      Thanks for keeping me thinking about this.

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