The ride of your life

Dream with me about our Investigative Groups….Think of how exciting it will be for every one to put their faith on the line. Even worse case, if they don’t succeed in getting group started, the guts, the prayer invested for their friends will make a huge difference in that leader’s life and beyond. For those that start a group they will be thrilled to hear their friends read the words of Jesus out loud. That leader’s spiritual life will go to new places in gratitude to the Lord. And we know there will be folks that take the steps from death to life. And our people will have the grand privilege of watching that happen.

That is exactly what is going to happen for everyone who leads an Investigative Group or igroup! I can’t wait to hear the stories. I can’t wait to run mine. I’m already praying, anticipating what the Lord will do.

Here’s how to participate.

1) Read Just Walk Across the Room. Excellent resource on building relationships with those unfamiliar with the faith. I have a number of copies. Contact us.

2) Consider who could lead on. Are you at a point with your relationships that you could invite one or more to read and discuss Jesus in the gospels? Are there others who could lead.

3) Join us for our training Feb 5 at the Green Campus in East End from 9am to noon. Contact Debbie


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