Better to not have Jesus

Yep that’s what Jesus told his followers. It is better that you not have me around. “But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away.” John 16:7 NIV How the disciples must have been straining to figure this one out. Better that Jesus be gone? …better without him? He was all they knew. They had leaned on him for strength, wisdom and leadership. How could they do it without him?

Yet that was exactly what Jesus said to the disciples. When I go I’ll send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit’s role would fill the void in a powerful way. He would teach them all truth. He would testify about sin, righteousness and judgment. He would give them the intimacy in relationship that Jesus and the Father have. Things Jesus did when walked earth. Chapter 14 & 16 are chalk filled with things the Spirit brings. And it was better to not have Jesus because they had the Spirit.

But in the moment of that night as Jesus said those words it must have been so hard for the disciples to hear. And it is hard for us. Haven’t you heard yourself or others say, “If I had just seen Christ I’d have more faith, more courage.” That must have been something so wonderful to be beside Jesus, to look in his eyes, to sense the warm of his love, to be taught truth, to be amazed at his power, to worship him.

Wouldn’t it have been tremendous to be there?

If Jesus words are true then it is better even for us to have the Spirit and not have Jesus physically. It is better to have the Spirit than to have Jesus. This sounds crazy, but if we believe Jesus’ words the Spirit is every bit as good, even better for us.

One day we will see Christ face to face and it will be spectacular. Until then the Lord has given us the Spirit to teach and lead us. And that’s good, real good.

One Response to “Better to not have Jesus”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Just as Jesus fulfills the law of God, the work of the Holy Spirit fulfills the words of Jesus. The Comforter guides us into all truth because he speaks, glorifies and testifies of Jesus

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