Best Practices Sunday the 23

I stopped by a number of our Campus Groups Sunday sharing about our upcoming Investigative Groups. It is so fun to see the good things going on in many of our groups. We are lucky ….ok fortunate to be here. I learn, relearn or am reminded of some smart practices as I enter a group. If you’ve never visited another group you ought to do it. It helps to see things afresh from a different perspective. You’ll come away I know with at least one thing to apply.

Here’s a couple things I got from Scott Gurley and Honoring Our Vows. Scott is currently doing a series on parenting and I’m about to launch a similar series in my group.

  1. Scott had some good thought provoking questions. You know the ones the evoke more than “Yes, No or Jesus.” Here’s his two questions. #1 “I find myself spending most of the time teaching my child _________. #2 “But, what I really want my child to know is ________. Questions done well get everyone thinking. I watched as everyone thought it through. Additionally, Scott broke the questions up differently by first asking the guys to answer the question then he allowed the ladies answer. This was done to help the guys, who he thought might not be willing to answer it. The result was a number of guys shared and so did some of the ladies.
  2. Scott’s other nugget is Twitter. Yes Twitter. Many think it is just a waste of time and it can be. However, one of the good things about Twitter is that you can follow many of your favorite authors, pastors and others. You follow Tim Keller, John Maxwell, Mark Driscoll to name a few. Scott reminded me of what a good source of quotes and articles Twitter can be. I agree. See my attached document that has Scott notes from his lesson and a great quote from Dr. Paul Tripp that he got from Twitter.

Thanks Scott.

Scott Gurley’s Lesson


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