John 18 contrasts

This chapter highlights the differences between humanity and Jesus.
Think of the character qualities we see in Christ. He displays: courage, discipline, focus, commitment.
Now look at the rest of the people in the scene. They show: cowardice, defensiveness, betrayal, hostility.
He does outshine us!

2 Responses to “John 18 contrasts”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    A couple of points I liked in chapters 17 and 18:
    17:3–The definition of eternal life–that we might know God and Jesus, the only true God. There are 2 main conditions. John 3:15–Whosoever believes in Jesus receives salvation. John 12:25–He that hates his life in this world.
    17:17–Sanctify disciples through the Truth that’s in His Word…sanctification is a lifelong process where God sets us apart for a holy purpose that comes from knowledge of the Word.
    Good Stuff !

    • Dane says:

      Tim I love that definition of eternal life. One of my new favorite passages is jn 14:20. We are included in the Godhead’s relationship. “I am in the Father, you are in me and am in you,” Jesus told us.This knowing God is so extensive.

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