Just Walk Across the Room

I love this book. It is really fun to read. It really gets me excited about having conversations with those unfamiliar with Jesus. I hope over the next few months to have an ongoing discussion about the principles and wisdom from this book. You may not agree with all the Bill Hybels says, but you will glean a number of nuggets you can take with you.

The premise of the book is found in this quote:

What if redirecting a person’s forever really is a s simple as walking across a room? p22

Is it really that simple? Can we make a difference for eternity by taking time to engage with others? Hybels says yes. And he backs it up with two nice stories of how he’s seen it happen.

The hook for me in this book is the first story he shares. Many of the principles he shares throughout the book come out in the account. Hybels bumps into a man that shares his story of becoming a Christ follower. For this Muslim man it all began when one man walked away from his circle of friends just to get to know him at a business meeting. They struck up a conversation and started meeting getting to know about their lives and their faith. Over a number of gracious breakfasts they shared more deeply about their our faith journeys, which genuine interest on both sides. Through these this man decided to follow Christ.

Hearing a story of transformation always energizes me. It reminds me of my first few feeble attempts to practice this walking across the room lifestyle. It is a thrill to be intentional about caring for those far from the doors of the church. Listening, caring, living all play a part.

During this time in my life when was intentional about reaching out I knew how intimidated I felt about making an impact. The verse the Lord gave me stuck with me through my ministry in Young Life. Matthew 4:19 says, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” That was Jesus’ command and promise to me. My job was to follow him. His job was to make me a fisher of men. By his grace I got see glimpses of him doing that.

As you look back on your life what lessons have you learned about connecting with those unfamiliar with the faith? As you read chapter one what are the quotes you like best?


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