250 miles

Acts 11 marks the spread of the Gospel. From the first days of the concentration in Jerusalem and Galilee we are seeing in Acts how the followers of Christ are taking the message further and further away. In chapter ten Peter breaks new territory. He opens the door for Gentile to be believers. It takes a vision to convince him and the Holy Spirit to come upon them for Peter himself to believe God is moving this way. At this point in Acts they are some forty miles away from Jerusalem.

Previous to that in chapter 9 we see that the truth of Jesus had gotten to Damascus perhaps some 100 miles away from Jerusalem. This seems to be with Jewish converts for Paul had documents to arrest “followers of the way” that were in the synagogues there.

This is our reminder for us today. We need to continue to take Jesus further and further. We need to break through cultures with the truth as the early church did. We must remember people are hungry for Jesus’ spiritual food. The people in Antioch jumped on the gospel (see 11:20, 21)

One Response to “250 miles”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Peter tells apostles how Jesus baptized the gentiles in the Holy Spirit as the Jews were in Acts ch. 2…(a study for another day). Acts 11:16 distinguishes the baptisms: John baptized with water; the Holy Spirit baptism with tongues was different…the church was given “The Comforter, Spirit of Truth, convicting the world of sin, and He glorifies Jesus”.

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