Acts 12: the prayer of faith?

This chapter in Acts contains the story of Peter being thrown in prison by Herod. This was a scary episode for the young church. James the brother of John had already been martyred by Herod. So this king moved to imprison more of the church because he saw that the Jews liked it. He was looking for anyway to mend his bad reputation with the Pharisees.

Now Peter sits in jail. The church thinks Peter will suffer death next. That night they gather together to pray. This is urgent prayer. They are fearful for Peter, but also the church as a whole. What would happen to this new movement if it’s leader were gone? So much hung in the balance.

They prayed hard that night. During this time an angel comes and releases Peter from prison and here’s where our question comes.

Did the church pray in faith?

Peter was released, so weren’t they praying faithfully? Yet there are some interesting facts given in this chapter too. As Rhoda hears Peter at the door of the house they were praying at she joyfully returns to those gathered saying Peter is here. Those gathered respond to her it is only his angel. So did the crowd have faith he was going to be released?? Or did they just believe or pray that the Lord would get them through this? What do you think of their prayer?

What encourages me here is that …pray does work …God does even greater things than we can imagine …the Lord can even use my weak prayers.


3 Responses to “Acts 12: the prayer of faith?”
  1. Yes, always good to remember God can work in spite of us. I wonder what Peter thought as he was waiting at the door? Do you think he reprimanded them for not believing?

    • Dane says:

      Yea Peter must have been a little taken back by Rhoda leaving him at the door. It is kinda funny. “Come on guys…let me in…it really is me!”

      I wonder too if the people inside were surprised God moved so quickly or that God moved at all. Some probably had given up hope thinking, “They killed James, so Peter’s next.”

      I think now how important it is to fervently pray for our church. I think that’s what caught my eye when I first read it.

  2. Tim Rich says:

    Most of the people praying for Peter doubted God (12:12-17). They told Rhoda that she had lost her senses, there’s no way Peter is at the door!
    James 4:2-3 also refers to why our prayers aren’t answered.
    Glad I’m reading Acts again…lots of lessens for us.

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