Best Practices…Group Socials

My Campus Group just had our Valentine’s Social. This has been a staple of our Group. We’ve done a lot of unique events. Recently we have started doing it a bit differently. I think it was a real smart idea by my leader, Mike Kline. The last two years we’ve had a rich time together with our spouses and with each other. We’ve laughed and cried and got to meet new people in our group.

Here’s what we do. The first part of the evening is a movie. We hit Movies Ten the dollar theatre in North Canton. We pick a clean movie, which sometimes limits us. However, we’ve always found something. This year we enjoyed “Get Low.” A powerful movie about forgiveness. The second part is a dinner. We hit a large enough restaurant that we can all sit down together at.

The great thing about the two part event is that you end up sitting with different people at each stop. Also having two separate events allows some because of time constraints to join us at only one part of it.

The evening is easy to set up. No one has to clean their home. Most importantly it encourages couples to date.


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