Will you Walk? Chapter 3

“The longer a person attends church, the fewer evangelistic discussions they engage in with family members and friends.” Hybels p 61

Isn’t this backwards? Shouldn’t we be outward focused?

Hybels goes on to correct us, “Instead of walking toward people who need God’s redemptive love they step into a mode of no longer wanting anything to do with them.” p 63 We actually get annoyed with unbelievers.

This was never Jesus’ tact. He always moved toward all kinds of people. The push of this chapter is exactly that. Developing friendships is exactly what we must do. Jesus modeled it and he has called us to live it too. (Mt 28:19-20) The problem is that we think we can “horse trade” God and not move towards unfamiliar with Christ. As Hybels says we will do everything else: serve in the church, show up 5 times a week and even go overseas.

Why won’t we take steps towards those around us? Why do we …I let busy-ness get in the way of developing relationships? There just seems to be no time to develop friendships with those right around us.

It really isn’t that hard. Stopping to chat for a few minutes with a neighbor isn’t really all that hard. Come on. What Hybels is talking about and what I believe the Savior is asking us to initiate the relationship. Simply get to know them. Find out what makes them tick, learn their kid’s names, find out where they work. These are easy ways, non-threatening ways. Does this really work?

It does! Look at Jesus’ plan. Be with people, love them and even the dregs of society were coming to him. They loved to be with him, even the worse of people felt affirmed, loved. We’ve seen it so far in Just Walk Across the Room. The stories written about are not super heroic feats. They are time spent to value people. I personally saw it in surprising ways when I worked with Young Life. We would spend lots of time connecting with kids doing what we called contact work. It was awkward being an outsider hanging around teenagers. Yet God used it. Those simple relationships made all the difference.

So your question today…Will you walk?


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