NT reading for week of March 7th

This week we’ll be starting our three week look at the book of Romans. Great theological book. It covers so much: the gospel, justification, sin, worship, godly relationships. Looking forward to it.

Monday the 7th — Acts 26

Tuesday the 8th — Acts 27

Wednesday the 9th — Acts 28

Thursday the 10th — Romans 1

Friday the 11th — Romans 2

3 Responses to “NT reading for week of March 7th”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    Was reading ahead in Acts 26…the 16th verse hit me: Jesus telling Paul that He would make him a witness of the things he saw on the way to Damascus and of the things which Jesus would reveal to Paul.
    Just think, Paul left Damascus and went east into the Arabian desert (and back to Damascus) for 3 years to sit at the feet of Jesus…no telling all the things he saw and heard while getting away from people and family. Most of us have good friends and family, but we can all use a “dose of quiet time” so God can speak to us….

  2. Steve Kern says:

    Hey, Dane! Thanks for your hard work! Great talking with you the other day! Praying that God uses you broadly!

    Stay in touch and let’s do lunch soon.

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