100 Words or Less: Chapter 6

I was listening to Francis Chan one time (author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God) at a conference as he described his decision to leave his growing church in California and move to Asia.  He talked about how many people thought he was crazy, how some people were amazed at how radical his life was.  But he didn’t agree; in fact, he said if we put his story in the book of Acts, would it really be that crazy?  Would we consider it that radical?   He would say no.  We would probably skip through his story. (see the video at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=WYhU0QHBixU.)

Now, I don’t think bring this story up as a time for comparison—either with us and Francis Chan or us and the Apostles necessarily—but I would bring it up to help us see this point: in a way, we are still writing the book of Acts.  The story of the church of Jesus Christ is still developing.  It’s not the end of the book; the final chapter still needs to take place.

This is the idea in this chapter.   Bill Hybels is trying to help us understand this point: “And possibly the greatest realization someone can make is this: ‘My story fits into God’s greater story’—and that’s the greatest story ever told” (p.115). And so, what would it look like for your story to be found in Acts 143:22-27?  What would be there?  What is your story?

But do we know our story?  Can we describe our own story?  This is so important for us to grapple with, because our story, as it plays out in God’s greater story, will have major implications in our efforts to reach out to others.  If someone asks us “Why is this stuff so important to you?” we need to have a compelling reason.  Otherwise, why would someone else want this?  Hybels give this straightforward caution to some of our stories: “If I were a person living far from God and had even a tinge of interest in this thing called Christianity, after hearing your story, I think I’d recommit myself to paganism” (p.118).

That sort of caution prompted me to write my own story out—in 100 words or less of course.

“I was consumed with a constant striving for acceptance and approval.  I wanted to feel included and loved.  I thought the best way to pursue acceptance and approval was to prove myself.  I would—and still do at times—work hard to obtain some sense of self-worth through accomplishments, whether in school or on the soccer field. But I’ve found that Jesus accepts and loves me in my most broken and insecure moments.  It’s not what I do; it’s about what Christ has done for me.  I now live in the confidence that I am loved and cherished by God.”

So what’s your story?  Have you written it yet?  If you have, and want someone to look over it, feel free to e-mail it to me at Mike.Holwerda@the-chapel.org.   I’d love to take a look!


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