Another way to review

Variety spices up almost everything. Figuring out a new app or finding a new shortcut on your computer keeps you interested. Trying new food or a way to prepare it increases your enjoyment.

Here’s a thought trying to get the words of the Bible into your heart in different ways really helps. My normal way of getting before God’s words to me is by quietly reading. It is the easiest way to get the Bible in my head.

I’ve recently been listening to the Bible. We used to call it …listening to the Bible on tape. :^) But now there are so many other ways to do it. The NET Bible has a good rendition of the NT for 20 dollars. I’ve loaded it up on my phone so I can listen while I work out or I’m driving. If you have a smart phone you need to download the Bible app from On their latest version of the app you listen to every chapter of the Bible. It is also available online at

As I’ve been going the New Testament this year when you review the book you’re going through you remember the important sections that the Lord has recently highlighted. You also hear sections that you missed the previous times you’ve read. It simply allows the Spirit to illuminate verses and issues which we need to attend. All this helps us to better listeners and more attentive to what God wants us to be.


2 Responses to “Another way to review”
  1. I really love and it’s iphone app. Just checked out the listening feature and it is really cool. Another way to try is recording and listening to yourself reading a passage.

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