a cheaper ride

Getting the most from your running shoes is important so that you don’t hurt yourself or your pocket book. Here’s a cheap way to get the most out of your shoes.

I recently bought a pair of shoes. It was the same brand and style that I have gotten for a long time. What I found was that this latest version didn’t have the cushioning I expected and they were way more flexible. They were so flexible they could pass for a Nike Free. Well what to do. I spend enough on shoes so I hate to toss them aside because I’ve not run my 300 miles on them yet. So here’s the cheap advice.

I pulled out one of my old shoes liners and simply put it on top of my other liner in my shoes. What I could believe is how much more cushiony they felt. They even stiffened up a bit. So for nothing more out of my pocket I feel like I got a new pair of shoes. I ran on them this morning and they felt great.

Here’s a solution that cost a bit more. Go and buy a shoe insert. I’ve seen them at many of the running stores and they do help. I’ve boughten several. Yesterday I saw a cheaper version for about ten bucks at Target. I’ve not used them but either of these options is better than shelling out another $100+ for a new rides.

2 Responses to “a cheaper ride”
  1. TCrow says:

    …nice! Interesting timing, I am struggling with a new pair of ASICS currently…something has to be wrong with them: it’s not me! I am going to be running the new Towpath Half next Sunday…I hope to get my shoe issue sorted by then!

    I may be stealing some thoughts and ideas from your fall curriculum series for my Gospels course.

    Keep running…TIm

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