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Here’s a great primer on the very important subject of exegesis. This is a fancy word to say how we interpret scripture. This is our building block for any teaching we may do. Our accuracy and faithfulness to God’s Word depends on us doing it well.

RC Sproul and DA Carson discuss how to strengthen our skill of interpretation. Enjoy.

RC & DA on Exegesis

Here’s the interpretive points RC and DA espoused for teaching on the Scripture.

Exegesis = Reading the text to find out what’s there.

Good Exegesis consists of:

  1. Have a two or three of good Bible translations. The best would be to know the ancient languages.
  2. Read the text multiple times before you go to the commentaries. Reading again and again is important.
  3. Errors in logic in biblical exegesis. When we draw inferences from the text that are not really there.
  4. Life situation or “sitz im leben.”
  5. .” This the situation that the biblical author wrote. We must have an understanding of dating of the text, the background and authorship.
  6. Linking one verse with another while disregarding the context that each verse is connected to.
  7. Therefore context is critical to interpretation. We first look at the immediate context of the verse. What precedes it and what follows. Then we observe the context within the book of the Bible, then the covenantal context and finally the canonical context.
  8. Canonical context is the global meaning of the entire Bible. God won’t contradict himself throughout his given Word. There is a unity within the Scripture.
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  1. Tim Rich says:

    Excellent stuff…I heard a biblical scholar add a couple of things that could help when we are still having trouble understanding what God is saying in his word:
    (1) Look up a subject or word in succession from Genesis to Revelation, and the meaning could become more clear.
    (2) Pray for understanding of God’s word

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