Reviewing the week

One of the best parts of journaling is reviewing what you’ve written down. I am surprised how many times after a few days I forget what was so impactful only a day or two ago. As I review my previous journal entries I find God faithfulness to me through his Word.

Here’s the significant things I found in my time last week. I tried to tie them up all together in a paragraph to pull together the ideas.

Trust in his unfailing love (Ps13) ….because he will restore your fortunes (Ps14) & because he will give you the necessary wisdom. (James 1)  Therefore, trust don’t doubt him (James 1), don’t be afraid to use your mina. (Luke 19) Finally, pray and never give up. (Luke 18)

When I look at the whole week I see God’s involvement in my life and his desire to speak to my heart. Here’s the exciting news He wants to powerfully speak to you too. The most important person anywhere wants to share his wisdom with you!

God is speaking to us all the time but many times we aren’t fully aware. Writing it down helps you to remember what you’re learning better that day and it can days later impact you again. This is the greater benefit of journaling. You can review the significant truths the Lord is speaking to you.

Journaling is simple. Get a any cheap notebook. Write down ONLY what is significant. That should be a verse and your insight. Does make it into a big writing assignment. It’s not a diary. Simply write what you think is significant at the moment. The payoff is rich.

What’s your paragraph like that Jesus was telling you this past week?


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