Couple interesting things from Luke 23 & 24

I bumped into these tid bits in my reading of these final chapters of the Gospel of Luke….

Look at who declares Jesus innocent in Ch 23

  1. Herod ….I had never seen this one. verse 15
  2. Pilate … see verse 22
  3. Thief … one curses him. one confesses him. verse 41
  4. Centurion …after crucifying him he saw something different. verse 47
These are all people you wouldn’t think would confess his innocence.
Chapter 24 insight: the power of the Word.
  1. The women only needed to remember the Jesus’ words to be convinced of his resurrection. verse 8. Oh yeah they also were helped by the appearance of the angels. The Word was critical.
  2. Road to Emmaus. The disciples’ hearts burn when Jesus taught them the words of the Bible. Up to that point they were depressed and low.
  3. Final Commission. To prepare his disciples for his departure Jesus gives them …understanding of the scriptures.
Let’s not minimize the Bible’s impact and our need for it.
2 Responses to “Couple interesting things from Luke 23 & 24”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    How long did it take for the disciples to recognize that it was Jesus talking to them on the road to Emmaus…he started at Moses and ALL the prophets…the things about Jesus. It wasn’t until they were eating that their eyes were opened.
    It’s a wonderful thing that Jesus is so longsuffering with us. How long he waits for us to recognize that he is really with us and helping, and he’s not physically walking with us…we accept his presence by faith.

    • Dane says:

      Great to hear from you again Tim.

      I love your comment about Jesus being longsuffering with us. He is! I noted when I read Luke 22 that Jesus on the last night looked past all sorts of dumb things the disciples did. When they argued about who was the greatest, Jesus corrects them and then moves immediately on to conferring the Kingdom on them! Their ugliness didn’t stop Jesus from wanting them and desiring to use them. That gives me hope.

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