NT reading for week of May 8th

We are now one third of the way through the New Testament! We are edging close to half way through. Who’s still in?

Every journey has its ups and downs. I’ve already had a few weeks that I just didn’t want to do read. These were days that I wasn’t into what I was looking at. I wasn’t really paying attention to God’s words to me.

It is disheartening and defeating to not be getting anything out of our time. It can begin to seem like a waste of time. There are those disconnecting moments. It has been at those low times maybe a few days or even a week that we have stay in the game. When we do keep at it, something turns and changes. God’s Spirit moves to illuminate the truth and lead us into all truth. We find that the Lord does meet us. And in those moments we experience a freshness, a hope, a thrill. We can say, “God is still moving! …even today in our lives.”

So let’s stay at it. Let’s keep gazing hard into the words the Lord has left for us. His Word always accomplishes what he wants. It will produce something beautiful in our lives.

Here’s our readings for this week…

Monday the 9th — Galatians 3

Tuesday the 10th — Galatians 4

Wednesday the 11th — Galatians 5

Thursday the 12th — Galatians 6

Friday the 13th — Ephesians 1

2 Responses to “NT reading for week of May 8th”
  1. Ben Pheneger says:

    I’m still in!
    If only I can be a doer and not just a hearer, I’ll be set.

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