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I was watching episode one of the Ken Burns’ series on the Civil War yesterday. I found a quote on courage that I have been looking for a long time. It actually comes from an unusual source, Ulysses S. Grant. He’s not on my top list of historical characters, but he really knew something about courage. The setting is early in the Civil War.

As we approached the brow of the hill my heart kept getting higher and higher until it was up in my throat. I would have given anything to be back in Illinios, but I kept right on. When the below Valley was in full view I halted. The enemy troops were gone. My heart resumed its place.

It occurred to me at once that he had been as much afraid of me as I of him. This was a view of the question I had never taken before, but it was one I never forgot.




2 Responses to “courage”
  1. Tim Rich says:

    I can’t imagine being in battles of war with the possibility of losing my life as General Grant writes.
    I like Hebrews 10:19—Paul writes about the courage it takes for us to accept Christ’s shed blood and actually believe that we can rely on blood that was shed 2,000 years ago and have access to Him.
    Many of the heroes of the Bible exhibited Hold Boldness and stood for Christ; losing their lives because of their beliefs and confessions ! Wow!

    • Dane says:

      Thinking about the Grant quote I was reminded of a few additional connecting points for believers. The fact that we have the Holy Spirit in us give us great power. Satan and his demons are afraid us. Just like the demons were terrified of Jesus when they saw him. I too must remember where my strength lies. We can be strong in the mighty power of Jesus.

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